Thankful Ramblings

Once a year, in August, we give the rest of the West Coast Swing community a glimpse into what it is like to be a part of our Code 03 family. We (Caitlin, my partner in all things, and I) work hard to put together a weekend that shows the passion that we,as dancers and as part of a community, have for West Coast Swing & I think (as an ED, you can never know for sure) we do an OK job.

But as studio owners and teachers my heartfelt thanks have to go out to every single person that steps onto the floor with us, every OTHER week of each year!

This isnt to say that we aren't truly and ridiculously appreciative of everyone that comes along to Shakedown, but our Christchurch/Code 03/Whanau of dancers should know that we are able to do the things we do, because of you all!

You inspire us and have given us awesome support right from the very start and we can never thank you enough for helping make this West Coast Swing community a reality!

In short, wherever you are, do your best to make it to class every week and share the joy of dancing with everyone you can. Be genuine and remember that everyone that is at class is helping YOUR scene to grow! Appreciate them!